Delivering Worldwide BLACK FRIDAY SALE 15 % off
Delivering Worldwide BLACK FRIDAY SALE 15 % off
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Laleh and her team welcome you to the space of fun, joy and ease with your body. We are selecting and creating the items that will contribute to you and nurture your body. Immerse yourself in the elegance of living and being. Laleh's Closets is also a partner of many companies including Laleh's Businesses, Global Wellness For All and Belapemo.

What contribution can Laleh's Closets be to you, your body, and your business? 

Laleh's Closet was created from an idea to feature the local artists from all over the world. Laleh's Closets would spread physically and online, making the products available at any spot of the planet Earth. Be it online or in the space of Laleh's Closets, you feel nurtured, your body is happy, and we're featuring comfortable and chic clothes, shoes, sensational materials and designs. The jewellery is exclusive, with semi-precious and precious stones. Immerse yourself into elegance of Being. The wellbeing and feeling amazing comes from so many different elements, and we would like to share this fascinations with you too. 

See how other Businesses are connecting with Laleh's Closets. 

Global Wellness For All

Global Wellness includes wellness in all areas of your life. The key to having any type of wellness in your body, business, relationship, or finances starts with YOU, not a secret formula or magic pill. Are you ready to empower yourself and to discover the fullness of life you could be having?

Global Wellness For All meets you where you are. Your goals are meaningful to us, and providing you the tools and resources to reach them is what we do best.


Founded in 2009, Belapemo is recognised for empowering hundreds of thousands of people to not only reach their targets but to exceed them.

Through strategic planning at warp speed, identifying new ventures and hidden obstacles to success, Belapemo opens the door to infinite possibilities for clients looking to take their life and business to the next level.


is a specialty program of Access Consciousness created by Laleh Hancock. And no, this is not only for women. It is also for men and conscious penises. And even the name says so, this program is so much more then talking about intimate parts and sex. It is also that, but it really shows how we can relate to bodies, how to communicate with them without exclusions of private parts or any parts of the body. It is also about getting to know yourself more and get more intimate with yourself, so you can become more of YOU, who you truly BE.